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Four Great Places To Eat When You’re In Fredericksburg Virginia

With over 370 restaurants to choose from in Fredericksburg, it’s going to be great knowing the names of some of the best places. You’re going to get introduced to some of those places, and hopefully you will discover one that you would like to visit. Here are four top restaurants in Fredericksburg that I think you and your family would enjoy.

Bavarian Chef is the first pick, and it’s known for its potato dumplings, sausage sampler, German chocolate cake and more. Don’t forget the schnitzel. This restaurant is known for having a warm, low-lit cozy atmosphere, and the reviews say that the portions are quite large. If you’re in the mood for authentic German food, well, you get it here, right down to the desserts.

Mason-Dixon Cafe is another hot spot, and the burgers are said to be delicious. According to reviews, the locals love this restaurant. Cheese grits, breakfast burritos, home fries and more are on the menu. Another favorite of the people that eat there seems to be the cheesesteak. It’s one of the best brunch spots in the city of Fredericksburg VA.

Tito’s Diner is a big hit, too. This establishment is located off of Carl D Silver Parkway, and it is also a great spot for brunch. Order up crepes, a Reuben sandwich, french toast, pie and more. This diner is said to have a retro look, and it’s certainly worth a visit. Expect friendly service and a very nice and versatile menu.

You need the best spot in town to get pizza if you’re traveling. That would be Benny’s Vitali’s Pizzeria. It’s on Caroline Street, and you’re talking about New York style pizza. You’re going to see big pizzas, and you can order by the slice, too. While the place is said to have limited seating, it’s the pizza that you came for of course. It’s a hit with everyone, the best place to get pizza in all of Fredericksburg VA.

You’ve got a hit diner, a pizza place, a cafe and a place to get authentic German food. Then there are the other 300+ restaurants to choose from if you have time for more dining experiences in the city. I like to try and match the type of place I eat with the city. What about you? That’s always fun, a true cultural experience. Maybe one of these places represents what you think about Fredericksburg VA.